Borax- Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate


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Borax was first discovered in dry lake beds in Tibet and was imported via the Silk Road to Arabia. Borax first came into common use in the late 19th century when Francis Marion Smith founded the Pacific Coast Borax Company and began to market and popularise a large variety of applications.

Borax, also known as Sodium Borate, Sodium Tetraborate, or Disodium Tetraborate, is an important Boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of Boric Acid. Powdered borax is white, consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water.

Borax Uses

Borax has many uses on its own, plus it is an ingredient in other products. Here are some uses of borax powder and pure borax in water:

As an insect killer, particularly in roach killing products and as moth-preventative (10% solution on wool) Also as an Ant deterrent

A fungicide

A herbicide

A desiccant

A laundry booster

A general household cleaner

Borax is an ingredient in several other products, such as:

Buffer solutions

Flame retardants

Teeth bleaching products

Glass, ceramics and pottery

Enamel glazes

For science projects such as green coloured fire, slime and Borax crystals.

Packed in resealable Gripseal bags.

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